HyperSight HS-160R Kit Wildland Fire Camera


Backup Camera

See through smoke, fog even in total darkness! HyperSight is a Driver Vision Enhancement Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) that can be vehicle-mounted in order to easily identify hotspots and address areas more prone to rekindle.


Accident Avoidance

In the heat of the battle knowing the location of ground crew near vehicles is critical.  When enveloped in smoke this task becomes nearly impossible and many times the worst happens.  In addition just keeping a Wildland vehicle in action is no easy task.  Many brush trucks are knocked out of service by ravines, boulders, trees, not to mention other vehicles, that simply couldn't be seen.  HyperSight erases smoke from the drivers' vision allowing them to navigate safely and avoid costly, even delay accidents.


Attack and Escape

HyperSight sees through smoke to know where the fire is... and where it isn't.  This enhanced situational awareness helps direct the attack and enable the quickest escape when needed.

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