Hen Hydro-138-1.5"NH Shutoff

Proveedor HEN
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The Hen Hydro-138-1.5"NH Shutoff Hydro Shutoff with 1-⅜ inch waterway. High durability shutoff with the world’s first gate-ball valve, ergonomically designed for superior flow performance.

Inlet Thread: 1.5” NH

Outlet Thread: 1.5” NH

Key Featu res:

  • 1-⅜" waterway

  • Superior ergonomic design

  • Maintain a good stream when baled-down to lower nozzle reaction

  • Aluminum alloy body and metal gate-ball valve for maximum durability

  • NFPA 1964 compliant

  • See the product specification guide below for compatible nozzles

Pistol grip sold separately.