FRC TankVision Pro 300

Proveedor FRC


The FRC TankVision Pro 300 is the fire industry's first multicolor tank level display. It uses a pressure sensor to sense the amount of liquid in the tank and can be calibrated to accurately display the volume in tanks of all shapes and sizes.


  • Various Programmable multi-color tank level displays available
  • More accurate tank level display
  • Fractional scale standard, also available with percentage scale
    • 9 LED level indicators with fractional scale
    • 10 LED level indicators with percentage scale
  • Primary Unit Dims: 4 3/8 by 3 Inches
  • Programmable brightness control
  • Full 180 degree wide-view, easy to see display
  • The TankVision Pro is available for water, class A foam, and class B foam tanks. Each display has a distinctive color and style.

Cab Miniature Displays:
The cab miniature display has dimensions of 2.75 inches high by 1.5 inches wide. It provides the option of mounting a remote display in the cab that uses a minimum of panel space. An output signal from the primary display module is input to the cab miniature display and the volume of liquid in the tank is shown on the 5-LED display.

Primary Displays for Foam:
The TankVision Pro is available for water, class A foam, and class B foam tanks. Each display has a distinctive color and style. A single primary display can be connected to an unlimited number of color coded, full size remotes using the FRC datalink.

Supplied with Unique Foam Tank Vent:
For use on sealed foam tanks. The vent is designed to relieve tank pressure at +/- 0.01 PSI which is important for proper display function. (Conventional vents relief pressure is +/- 1.0 PSI.) Vents are self-draining. This stops splashing concentrate from entering the valve cavity and clogging the vent.

Thin Wall Adapter:
For use on tanks where the walls are thin (less than or equal to 3/8"). Shown with pressure sensor mounted.

Remote Drive Light Driver:
The TankVision Pro remote large light driver provides the option to power four 60 watt remote lights to show full, 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 tank.

MaxVision Large Remote:
The MaxVision works as a remote display, and can show the same color pattern as the primary display when paired with TankVision Pro models.