FoxFury Breakthrough Rechargeable Kit

Proveedor Fox Fury
SKU: 600-380BT

Rechargeable kit for FoxFury Breakthrough® BTS, BT2 and BT2+ right angle lights come with a docking station, rechargeable battery pack and charger. Multiple docking stations can be connected by snapping them together.

No need to change out batteries when you can recharge your light with this kit. Plug into a wall with the AC Adaptor. Approximate Charge Time: 2.5 hrs

Compatible with most current versions of FoxFury BT Hybrid Lights (S/N 0414 0401, 0414 0402, 0414 10403 and up). Older versions are not compatible. Please check the S/N of your FoxFury Breakthrough® BT before making the purchase.

*Not compatible with the Breakthrough® BT2-IS Intrinsic Black Hybrid Light