Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro-Bar 24" PB-24

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Fire Hooks Unlimited Pro-Bar Halligan 24-Inch

The same as the 30" Pro-Bar and has the same strength only it's shorter. This shorter length makes it easier to store, also comes with Celtex Grip.

This is the "Official Forcible Entry Tool used by FDNY". There is nothing else quite like the Pro-Bar for forcible entry. Developed by a Forcible Entry Instuctor of FDNY, this Halligan-type forcible entry tool is the result of years of research and countless interviews with fire chief's and firefighters in FDNY and many other large and small departments located in the eastern sections of the US.

The Pro-Bar 24 INCH is as its name states 24" long. It is drop forged steel alloy and weighs 10lbs. The Pro-Bar (also called a Halligan bar, Halligan tool or simply Halligan) is a special tool commonly used in the fire and rescue service. It was designed by and named after Hugh Halligan, a First Deputy Fire Commissioner in the New York City Fire Department.

The Halligan is a multi-purpose prying tool consisting of a claw (or fork), a blade (or adz), and a pick, which is especially useful in quickly breaking through many types of locked doors. The fork end or adz (An edge tool used to cut and shape wood) can be used to break in through an outward swinging door by forcing the tool between the door and doorjamb and prying the two apart.

Pro-Bar 24
: Halligan type entry tool; 24" in length