Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling Unit for Firefighters

Proveedor Ziamatic
SKU: Z-BP842

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Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling Unit for Firefighters

As the automotive landscape evolves, embracing electric vehicles for their environmental benefits, firefighters face new challenges when handling vehicle fires. To address these critical issues and ensure the safety of both firefighters and the environment, Ziamatic introduces its cutting-edge Vehicle Cooling Units. These units are designed to cool down electric vehicle batteries efficiently and effectively. With 36" and 72" options available, the Vehicle Cooling Units offer a versatile solution to meet different firefighting needs.

Product Features

  • 1/16" Diameter Holes: The Vehicle Cooling Units are equipped with 1/16" diameter holes contributing to the effective cooling of electric vehicle batteries during firefighting operations.
  • 83 Holes per 3-Foot Section: With an optimal distribution of 83 holes per 3-foot section, the cooling units deliver efficient and widespread cooling coverage.
  • 140-Degree Spray Pattern: The cooling units provide a wide 140-degree spray pattern, ensuring comprehensive cooling of the electric vehicle's battery and surrounding components.
  • 3-5/16" Ground Clearance: Designed to accommodate vehicles with a ground clearance of less than 4 inches, the Vehicle Cooling Units can be easily slid underneath the affected electric
  • vehicle for quick and effective cooling.

Models Available

4' x 8' SKU: BP842

  • Flow Rate: 40-60 G.P.M. (Gallons Per Minute)
  • Coverage: Provides a generous 4'x8' coverage area at a 5.5" vehicle ground clearance, offering thorough cooling even for vehicles with low profiles.
  • Spray Holes: 83 strategically positioned spray holes ensure efficient cooling performance.

7' x 8' SKU: BP843

  • Flow Rate: 84-119 G.P.M. (Gallons Per Minute)
  • Coverage: Offers an extensive 7'x8' coverage area at a 5.5" vehicle ground clearance, ideal for larger electric vehicles or higher intensity fires.
  • Spray Holes: 166 for maximum cooling efficiency and rapid heat dissipation.