Honeywell Morning Pride Ben 3 Structural Helmet


Face Protection

Introducing the Traditional Structure Helmet Ben 3 Plus -  For over 20 years, the iconic Morning Pride Ben 2 helmet with EZ-Flips™ has had a particularly dedicated following. We have developed a more durable and lightweight helmet. Introducing the Ben 3 Plus…

Features and Benefits:

  • Light Weight EZ-FLIPS™ or 4" / 6" Shield
  • Nomex® quick-release postman slide chinstrap (Standard)
  • Nomex® 2-layer FR cotton ear cover - attached with Velcro (Standard)
  • Headband rachet cover (Standard)
  • Reflexite® trapezoids lime - 8 (Standard)
  • Durable Eagle front holder
  • Shell height reduced by 20mm
  • High density rigid foam inside shell with added layer of protection
  • Easily detachable U bracket

Elevated Fire Supply has custom built the Ben 3 in the most popular style for easy purchase.  If you wish to make additional customizations please reach out to us and we'd be happy to build it to your needs.